Leather Briefcase
Andy Myers 

Managing Director


As well as ensuring the smooth running of ABMV Ltd, my focus is on working closely with clients, supporting the development of businesses at a strategic level in addition to providing the necessary compliance services.

I have extensive experience advising SME clients on all aspects of accounting (including cross border and globally), helping a client with their own strategy and supporting them when they want to buy or sell a business.


I was a late entry into the accountancy world serving in the RAF for 9 years where I studied for my Maths degree in my latter years of the service. I then Chartered qualified with an ICEAW firm in Sheffield.

Once I qualified, you can imagine my delight when my first job post qualification was in Bermuda! 

I spent three years in paradise, but then I got it slightly wrong by getting my next job on the Isle of Man, where the weather was different!

I was in my early 30’s and whilst being on the Isle of Man for around a year I realised I was ready to set up by myself, we returned from Bermuda and decided it would be good to set up the business near London, I had friends and a network locally, so Kent the Garden of England it was. ABMV Ltd started in 2003.

Outside the office I am a keen Golfer and rarely turn down the invitation to play if time allows. Having four children certainly keeps my free time busy on various dad duties.

In my youth I enjoyed Trials Riding and now have a vintage Enfield which I love taking for a spin on fair weather days.

I enjoy spending time with my family & friends, badminton, eating out and walking my dogs.